The Company to Take Part in the National Festival of Sports

The Sakhalin Energy team will take part in the National Festival of Ready for Work and Defence sports programme.

The athletes got a chance to attempt at the federal stage of the programme after winning the competition among employees of Sakhalin Oblast.

At the Regionals, company employees representing Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk managed to beat the competitors from the Aniva and Kholmsk Districts. They showed the best results in individual and team events in e-shooting, push-ups, flexibility, abs, and two- and three-kilometre race.

According to Viktor Palshin, Head of the Regional Test Centre for Ready for Work and Defence sports national programme, the teams took turns to reach the qualifying standards. The results were registered only if all test conditions were properly followed. “We chose the best team based on competition results, which will represent Sakhalin Oblast at the National Festival. The judges were strict, they didn’t cut anyone slack as it may count against athletes in the Finals. They should understand that,” Viktor Palshin said.

“It took literally a week to get a corporate team of eight together. The requirement for the members was to cover four age categories,” said Vadim Borisov, Control and Automation Engineer and Coordinator for Sakhalin Energy in the National Festival. “The list of qualifying standards for each group was the same, considering the acceptable level of physical activity for all participants. However, the older generation had a chance to make a greater contribution to the overall team score as they got a higher score for successful reaching of one the standards. Among them was Konstantin Kokorin, our colleague, a runner for a gold badge and a great role model for the young,” Vadim Borisov added.

“In fact, this programme comprises a comprehensive set of activities for keeping a body healthy and fit: stretching ability, flexibility, endurance, good coordination. This challenge can make us look closely into our reserves,” said Konstantin Kokorin, Head of Corporate Health Section. “These events help tone up and challenge yourself every time, that's why I’m here not so much for winning but for discipline. It’s a great driving force for daily activities, which will help us represent the region as good as we can.”

The federal stage of the Festival of Ready for Work and Defence sports programme is scheduled for May 2022.


26 October 2021