Sakhalin Energy and PTPA Group Signed a Contract for the Supply of Valves for the Sakhalin-2 Project

On 30 September, on the sidelines of the Sakhalin Oil and Gas 2021 Far Eastern Energy Forum, Sakhalin Energy and PTPA Group signed an agreement for the supply of high-tech pipeline valves for the Sakhalin-2 project.

Under the agreement, the parties will ensure that advanced Russian and international developments in the area of offshore facility maintenance are introduced at Sakhalin Energy. The signing of the document marked the beginning of long-term cooperation between the two companies, aimed at increasing the share of Russian content and meeting labour safety requirements, environmental standards and operational parameters of the Sakhalin-2 project. It is the first time that valves produced in Russia will be used at the Lunskoye-A and Piltun-Astokhskoye-B oil and gas production platforms. All valves will be manufactured in full compliance with international design and quality assurance standards.

“Application of cutting-edge technologies that can ensure safe and efficient operation of our production facilities is the basic component of the comprehensive implementation of Sakhalin-2 project. Given the current conditions of the external environment, we do our best to ensure that our equipment is as reliable as possible and make every effort to create favourable conditions for increasing the localisation of oilfield services, including field-specific services, through wider cooperation with our key Russian partners. Pooling of experience and cooperation with other companies in the area of import substitution are the key factors for accomplishing the set objectives,” noted Roman Dashkov, Sakhalin Energy Chief Executive Officer.


30 September 2021