Art Project The Fuel Ends on Sakhalin

The Fuel, a theatrical project, took place on Sakhalin on 12–17 July. Being implemented as part of the cultural strategy of Sakhalin Energy's social performance, it was aimed at developing the region’s creative cluster.

The project offered four The Peak showings of a documentary solo performance and House on Fire, a theatrical laboratory directed by Semyon Alexandrovsky from St. Petersburg.

The Fuel's main and only protagonist is a real person, a physicist, a businessman, and the founder of ABBYY David Yan, whose part is performed by theatre and film actor Maxim Fomin. The text for the play was conceived by playwright Yevgeny Kazachkov after several hours of an in-depth interview with David Yang himself and is an account of his personal story of achievement.

The collaboration resulted in the unique theatrical documentary. This is not just the narrative of a contemporary man who is making a difference. The director invites each spectator to turn to their experiences and reflect on what is the ‘fuel’ that makes life fuller and more interesting for each of us.

Throughout the play, the audience along with the performer are in an intense search of meaning in the pursuit of entering the college of their dreams, leaving their mark in science, or doing something that would be useful to others. Those moments, the frozen frames, the gleam in the eyes, the emotions, the impressions and the director's take on those impressions--everything that imbues reality with meaning--will keep the audience in their grip long after the performance. "Unusual," "That's my story," "Relevant," "New, really cool," "I’m going to start reading when I’m home," were the impressions the audience shared after the play.

Some 300 Sakhalin residents took part in the project, with the company also arranging live broadcasts of the play for the employees at its remote assets.

Once the showings and the theatrical lab sessions were over, Semyon Alexandrovsky summed up his attitude toward the project: “You won’t find a tool more effective at increasing social trust than art, and city dwellers need it the most. As the level of culture rises, you will become motivated to live an interesting life and integrate yourself into the urban context. Today we have become a participatory society; we want things to depend on us. So, involving urban population in the process of creating culture and localizing it is what will boost your sense of belonging and overall satisfaction with life. We’ve performed The Fuel all over the country, also in England and Bulgaria, and we're very happy now to have made it to Sakhalin.”

Supporting culture is one of Sakhalin Energy's priorities in developing the area of our operations. The company implements its cultural strategy as part of its social activities in cooperation with state institutions, creative associations, the public, and leading experts. Project The Fuel has contributed to the strengthening of the island's creative cluster and art movement.


19 July 2021