Voting on Amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation Completed at Sakhalin Energy Assets

Total of 1400 company employees and contractors holding Russian citizenship took part in the voting.

OPF personnel were the first to vote on 21 June, followed by LUN-A, PA-A and PA-B staff on 22 June and 23 June. Personnel involved in OPFC construction showed their good citizenship as well on 23 June. Nogliki camp was engaged in elections on 23 June. and on 29 June the voting was completed at Prigorodnoye production complex.  

According to the Member of Election Commission No. 67 Lyudmila Khimchenko, Equipment Maintenance Shop Deputy Manager, the members of Korsakov electoral commission provided significant assistance in organising the event. They didn’t have an opportunity to come to the plant, therefore all recommendations and training materials have been provided remotely. The voting process on site was arranged by the company personnel which in accordance with the law were included in the precinct electoral commission.

“It’s a new experience for me, but I believe that we have meet the challenges properly. The work of the commission was arranged in such a way as to provide the possibility of participation for both day and night shifts. We have conducted a quality information campaign: informed colleagues in advance on the date and time of the event, collected voting applications (it’s a mandatory requirement for residents of other regions of Russia), and promptly addressed all emerging issues”, said Lyudmila.

The voting process in Prigorodnoye took two days – 28−29 June. On the last day staff coming to the plant from 14-day mandatory self-isolation in temporary accommodation facilities (TAFs) joined their colleagues in voting. The personnel staying in TAFs as well had a possibility to do their civic duty. Voting took place there on 29−30 June. For that the company have developed a special voting algorithm excluding the possibility of a contact between voters and ensured the complete sterility of all premises used for voting.

Owing to good organisation of the voting process, there were no incidents during the significant event which was held in compliance with all safety requirements.

You can find out how the voting was held at the company's assets in the video.


1 July 2020