Personnel of Sakhalin Energy Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms Cast Their Vote on Russian Constitution Amendments

Early voting, which started on June 21, continues at the сompany’s remote production assets. The hardest part was organising the process at the offshore oil and gas production platforms: Piltun-Astokhskoye-A (Molikpaq), Piltun-Astokhskoye-B, and Lunskoye-A.

“Bad weather conditions, absolutely no possibility for navigation in the Nabil Bay, which is currently densely packed with ice, left us no choice but to deliver the ballot boxes and necessary documents for voting by air,” – said Vadim Panin, Logistics Manager.

According to him, the staff and the Aircraft Services coped with this important task decently and, despite heaviest fogs, safely delivered everything necessary for the voting to the platforms. At the same time, special attention was given to the cargo disinfection – it is a mandatory requirement in the COVID-19 pandemic circumstances.

The voting process at the company’s production assets, including the platforms, is organised by their own employees who are enrolled in the respective precinct election commissions as prescribed by law. Those employees noted high activity among their colleagues: over 58% voted at Molikpaq, over 67% – at Piltun-Astokhskoye-B, and Lunskoye-A reached the record numbers exceeding 73%.

“Everything went without a hitch, very well-organised, with all safety requirements met. Despite the scheduled shutdown and a high level of activity at the platforms, people took time to express their opinions, – Marat Rezyapov, Offshore Asset Manager, noted. – This was one of the most massive votings in terms of staff participation in the history of our offshore operations. I sincerely thank the election commissions, all those who helped in the organisation of that process, and those who came to express their civic position.”


25 June 2020