Sakhalin Energy Continues Victory Spring Project

Special film shows in conjunction with the Victory parade were held on 24 June in the Sakhalin Art Museum. Two war films from Mosfilm film archives − “The Story of a Real Man” and “Doctor Vera”, started a retrospective cycle of thematic shows.

“We are very glad to have an excellent occasion to meet you”, Anna Lygina, Senior Specialist for Social Performance, said to the veterans. Opportunity to get together and watch favourite war movies is only the beginning of series of events as part of the Victory Spring project being implemented jointly with the museum throughout the year.  

According to Alexandra Lomteva, Acting Director of the Regional Art Museum, through a series of thematic events combining various arts − decorative and applied, cinema, music − the museum will familiarize public with the culture of wartime period.

Фото_весна Победы.jpg

“I watched “The Story of a Real Man” at a young age and today I reconceived many episodes of this based on a true story film   And I thought: if a new generation is capable of facing the challenges with the same strength as the main character of the film? I do think so. There are many deserving people among our youth, I just wish there would be more shows like this one. Thank you for the memories, heart-breaking feelings and fleeting emotions”, said Galina Barannik − one of the viewers of the film.

The film shows under the project will continue not only in the museum but also in an outdoor cinema, if the weather permits.

The movie show was arranged in line with sanitary standards, mask regime and social distance between viewers.


24 June 2020